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Free to Fail

Free to Fail

by Drew Williquette on April 20, 2020

Every person has experienced failure in their lives. At least to some degree. I know I have.

I take that back. Most people have experienced failure in their lives. If you haven’t, you might need to venture out and do something uncomfortable.

I think back to when I first started in leadership. I was a young 8th grader in my youth group. I was voted “junior high team leader” for a group of 7th – 9th graders. I was unprepared and I made a lot of mistakes. I didn’t know how to reach people and I didn’t understand what the greatest needs of my group were.

I failed a lot then as a leader.

Fast forward to my sophomore year of college. I was voted in as chaplain of my society (Christian fraternity) at Bob Jones University. I didn’t do a great job speaking and I struggled to find time and the motivation to reach out to the college guys around me.

Once again, I failed.

One more example. My senior year of college I was voted to serve on the student leadership council. After an exhausting year, I was so done with leadership on that level. The reason? I had made a lot of mistakes along the way.

The same has been true since I started at First Baptist Church as the children’s pastor.

The bottom line is, we all make mistakes. If you don’t make mistakes, you’re not human. The best way to learn (I like to call it the growth factory) is through failure. Sometimes the best way for God to teach you what you need to know is through failure.

My mom would always tell me “you learn more when you lose”. She couldn’t be more right.

So, don’t let failure keep you from jumping into ministry and serving people, especially kids (they’re typically very forgiving anyways). You will fail, but through failure God will teach you some very important lessons and you’ll be better equipped to serve Him.

So, be free to fail today.

Drew Williquette is the children’s pastor at First Baptist Church of Glen Este, Ohio. He has served in this capacity since June of 2019. He and his wife Jenna love serving the parents and children at First Baptist and would love to do what they can to help your child grow in the Lord.

Tags: faith, leadership, failure, success

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