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Leading Kids Through a Crisis

Leading Kids Through a Crisis

by Drew Williquette on March 23, 2020

A crisis is defined as “a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger”.

If you’re a children’s ministry leader, a parent, or have any influence in the lives of kids, you must learn how to lead through a crisis.

Why? Because kids are curious, and they ask a lot of questions. So, we must be prepared to help them. 

As I’m writing this, our world is turned upside down in a state of insecurity, confusion, and fear due to the coronavirus. For the leader, we must know how to manage our own feelings about this pandemic and lead appropriately.

In the process of this, it can be easy to go to extremes.

It can be easy to go to one extreme of ignorance or denial. In other words, to sweep the coronavirus effects under the rug and act like nothing is going on. We might even have good motives of trying to calm our kids down, but we’re not being truthful in the process.

The other extreme would be to assume the worst-case scenario of what could happen. Put another way, it would maybe look like having a high consumption of the news and reading about every wrong thing that could possibly happen because of the virus and reacting in a panic. When you do this, your own stress level increases and you increase the stress of the people around you.

Neither of these are good responses.

As leaders, we want to provide a healthy medium of being honest about the negatives that we’re facing, but balancing those with a strong trust in God that we can model for our kids, while living based on our confidence that God is in control (Psalm 46:1).

Good leaders calm those around them, face the facts, and provide solutions for any problems that come up (as much as they can during a time of confusion).

I pray that we all will lead well today.

Drew Williquette is the children’s pastor at First Baptist Church of Glen Este, Ohio. He has served in this capacity since June of 2019. He and his wife Jenna love serving the parents and children at First Baptist and would love to do what they can to help your child grow in the Lord.

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