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Ministry to Various Generations

Ministry to Various Generations

by Drew Williquette on April 13, 2020

Ministry to Generation Z and Generation Alpha. How do you do it?

This blog post has been long in coming, but I realized I needed to write on this topic. I needed to do some personal study to better understand how to reach our kids in the ministry. Let me start with some background on these two generations.

Generation Z are those born between 1997 and 2012. For our children’s ministry that would include children ages 7 to 12 (grades 2 through 6). This generation is known for its focus on authenticity and finding the truth. If something feels fake or hypocritical, we (including myself here) don’t want anything to do with it. On top of that, this generation is very postmodern in its thinking (the idea that not one single truth is out there, but that there are many different truths).

Generation Alpha is the current generation who are born between the years of 2010 – 2025. In other words, it is the kids in our ministry from birth to age 10. This generation is known for its “connectedness” and has always known technology to some degree. They are also known for their flexibility (good and bad) and flying by the seat of their pants.

We have these two generations of children at our church. Studied carefully, we see that there are both differences and similarities between these two generations.

I would argue that the biggest similarity is their distaste for organization and “do it because I said it” rules, which we have experienced extensively in running our junior church and Olympians program! This mentality can be both bad (disobedience to authorities in their life) and good (rejecting things that are not authentic), but regardless, despite generational thinking patterns, we have to steer these kids in a way that helps them understand and have confidence in the authority of the Bible so that their faith does not get shaken by the world around them.

Generations come and go, but God’s word always remains true. We can have confidence in this.

So, let’s pass that confidence along to our kids.

Drew Williquette is the children’s pastor at First Baptist Church of Glen Este, Ohio. He has served in this capacity since June of 2019. He and his wife Jenna love serving the parents and children at First Baptist and would love to do what they can to help your child grow in the Lord.

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