Young Professionals Group

The Young Professionals Group is a ministry specifically for young, single professionals, in their mid-20s to mid-30s, who are on their way in life and career and desire a group of peers whom they can join on the journey.

The Young Professionals Group is a place where you can serve in an active ministry. Our mission is to impact our world be being inspired by Christ, being involved in community, and by influencing our culture.

We do this by being a Christ-centered relational community of disciples who join together to know and live out God's Word in our community and the world.

Inspired by Christ.

Involved in Community.

Influencing our Culture.

FBCGE Young Professionals - Leaders

These are times of community, Bible study, and prayer and where we learn to live out our mission. In the Young Professionals Group, each person is valued and encouraged to grow their love for our Savior, our community and our world.